Friday, August 27, 2010

Sketches for Childhood Traumedy!

Or maybe just A sketch. I'm slowly (when I have time) working on character designs for personal project. This is my grandfather for a series called 'Childhood Traumedy.'

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not a Drawing, But...

I went to a club the other night with my roommate. I couldn't help but notice how pretty the lights were. Please excuse my poor quality iPhone pics.

Monday, August 23, 2010

More Stuff

So it's Monday. I've continued work on a website for a client and I'm waiting on word to start another illustration for another. I also have some misc. design and web work I need to knock out.

So far I have made espresso and called it coffee. This morning schedule is hard.

Oh well! Here is some random art for now. I wish I could put up something from work, but sadly it's all nondisclosure stuff.

Adobe Illustrator- Shayne Trosdahl (Trözdol)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old Concept Sketches

Some old location and background concept sketches I did for a project. 
Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen and Prismacolor Markers
Bic Crystal and Prismacolor Pencils on Canson Paper

The Background Image!

I figured I'd put up the background image of my Blogger site. I think it would be loads of fun to do animation backgrounds in a similar style. Probably in a more spacial way...I think.

Creepy Cat Lady

This horrible drawing was inspired by a friend of mine back in Nashville. She had way to many cats. I couldn't help, but to tell her this is how she will end up.

BTW...Critiques are more than welcome. I'm always looking to improve as an artist :)

Colored and drawn in Sketchbook Pro.

People Sketches

I did some misc. character sketches of people I've seen throughout the day. Sadly it was based on memory and there were some people I really would have wanted to draw. Oh well.